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their adoptive mom. you got to love the cool critters. that's it for "studio b" and log on to >> ready, set, stop, as americans cash in on the black friday deals. welcome, everyone, i am here for neil cavuto and this is "your world." black friday kicking off earlier and earlier, with loads of deals but it is not all smooth sailing. >> relax. relax. relax. you [blank] out of here. you [blank]. >> tempers flaring as 147 million people cram into the stores nationwide.
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some people lining up in the middle of the night to land a door buster deals. >> a lot people. that didn't stop these shoppers from getting on the long line. >> everyone starting to go crazy. and cops got called in. it was a mad house. >> lot of screaming and yelling. it wasn't safe. >> we are the in between people, the crazy people come really early and the people that sleep in. >> along with shoppers this year, protests. unions staging demonstrations at walmart stores across the country, stores in 100 cities being targeted. we are all over it with lauren at staten island mall and james at walmart dealing with the union protests in landover hills, maryland. we begin with james.
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>>reporter: brenda, good afternoon. there was a degree of the union presence and an instruction issued to the 400 protesters who were bussed in here today on charter buses not to talk to reporters. walmart store number 5129 manager, bobby williams, came out to confront the crowd, they had doing the talk for them a baptist minister of washington, dc, and walmart said only a small fraction of the 1.4 million strong united states workers walked off today. for this action in suburban maryland, five chartered buses came to the walmart parking lot at 8:30 a.m., claim willing that up to 30 employees of the walmart store were among the ranks a claim that could not be verified but the reverend jones said the united food and commercial workers union helped
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organize this action in collaboration with still other unions and that is a key issue of contention before the national labor relations board in the complaint that walmart has filed against the union in effect accusing them of trying to mount an of the at unionizing walmart's workforce but the entire protest unfolded peaceably and there was in violence and no description to sales at this walmart, we saw the parking lot fill up throughout the course of the day and, walmart executives tell fox they had the best black friday they have ever had. brenda? >> thank you, james. you saw the unions flexing their muscle and my guest says be careful what you wish for. what do you mean, be careful what you wish for? >>guest: people are hurting. look at the people if line, they are desperate to get deals because they are hurting financially.
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it is not just people hurting. but businesses, as well. big is down overall. the corporate earnings will be down if the third quarter in a row. people may not care about that but corporate earnings translate to jobs. the job market is very sticky. people are having a very difficult time getting jobs. this is the wrong time to be trying to flex your muscle if you are a labor union. businesses don't know what their health care costs will be and we are seeing them take full time jobs and moving to part time jobs and higher paying jobs going do lower paying jobs. if you have a job, i would suggest you be happy are about it right now in this environment. the time for unions to strengthen their muscle is when the economy is good not when it is uncertain and tough. >> so there could be a backlash from unions pushing businesses to the max because if trying to support jobs and get better benefits they may in fact be taking workers out jobs.
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>> any are. look what business is doing, moving with their not. if you look where business is moving in the united states --. >> one example is hostess 18,000 jobs when the unions pushed them. they are gone. >>guest: hostest. airlines. boeing. up-and-down corporate america. that is why businesses are moving to right-to-work states. the states that are getting the most movement of their businesses it is so that those states that have right-to-work states. i am not saying they shouldn't have unions, but it is the wrong time to kick business when jobs are scarce and the economy is tough. >> but unions have been in powered, vicinity they, they won the presidential candidate. some leaders say they will push congress ma make unionizing
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eitherrer. is this the time to push back. >>guest: they are in favor right now, the ear of the administration, but this is an administration that has been accused across the board of not being friendly to business. look at the jobs numbers. it is translating. we are seeing it happen. the jobs market is the slowest job recovery since the great depression and wages are down. wages after inflation are way down. what we are seeing is a big move from full time to part time jobs because of moves by the administration to put the screws to business. >> it will be interesting to see what this does to walmart's bottom line. thank you, gym, we appreciate it. from the fight over there to the fight for deals everywhere, lauren is in the thick of it, really, at the staten island mall. >>reporter: no physical fighting. not yet. let me show you the staten island mall.
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it has been busy all day long and was busy from midnight to 3:00, the first wave, the opening wave of the crazy black friday shoppers looking for the best democrats. and then it slowed down. this has been tremendous holiday shopping, 147 million shoppers are expected to hit the malls this black friday weekend. today, tomorrow, and sunday. they are expecting to spend a tonight of $45 million this weekend alone and that is $398 or $399 each. so that is the money we are looking at, real and in an area like this, affected by hurricane sandy, it is nice to see shoppers come out whether they are fixing up their home or buying pick me up gifts to feel better. so, the crowds are out, lots of buy one 50 percent off, lots of door busters that have already ended but, still, we see the crowds and something else to point out, most of the deals you
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can find here in the store you can find online. at one point we were saying we wonder if this will be slow because you can buy it online but we were wrong. the crowds are big. so happy black friday shopping. keep shopping. >> so, stocks were up with the dow soaring 172 points, is it because folks are betting shopping will be up big this year? our market watcher is not convinced. scott, it seems that "wall street journal" is saying they like what main street could be giving us this holiday season. >>guest: well, so far so good. the numbers are good. people are spending money. but the question i have, look, if you look at a door buster and the deals out there the real money isn't made on the sales, it is made when people go to the stores and upgrade to apply ans
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and electronics and furniture and those numbers come out later. that is the sales the businesses are counting on. >> you see the long lines and a lost times the discount people look at are $30 or so. so, is that a sign they are desperate for any kind of a deal the economy could be hurting so bad necessity need to get lout and camp looking to save money? >>guest: well, it is a couple of things. it is that, yes, people don't want to spend a lot of money on the high cost stuff because they don't have the money. but, too, the consumers are savvy and they do a lot the research and the fact they are finding deals what are the retailers want. people are still mindful or aware of this fiscal cliff that if my opinion, at least, is starting to hurt spending. >> it is hard to believe because why like toship but a lot of people go because it is a
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celebration thing, a lot of them are tag about it is like a party like lining up to see the ball drop on new year's so it is not just deal seeking. >>guest: it is becoming a huge event. you have to credit the retailers and the media for building it up because it is a big part of our economy and a quarter of the sales will be taking place here for the year take place in the next couple of weeks, but the fiscal cliff is out there. the fiscal cliff for the consumer is the worst thing that has happened since paris hilton released her debut music album, and there is not a lot of hope for congress to resolve anything. >> but consumer confidence is at a file year high so it must translate into opening of the wallets? >>guest: that is a fair point but if you look at the most recent consumer sentiment survey, you talk about future
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expectations, they are lower when than the last few months, and the lower expectations are because of the fiscal cliff and because of the uncertainty that, althoughs in 2013. >> were you out there today? >>guest: i was. i was spending money trying to keep the economy going. also, buying all deals. i was not trading up to the high priced stuff. not yet. >> out are to have fun. thank you. so, another republican dixing a no tax hike pledge. does that mean tax hikes are coming? with verizon. hurry in this friday for great deals. like the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free. or a white 7-inch samsung galaxy tab 2, just $99.99.
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your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >> a battle over the no tax hike message erupting as the fiscal cliff closes in. first, republican senator chambliss. i care more about the country than a 20-year-old pledge. now, grover norquist pushing the tax pledge is firing back.
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he says, if he plans to vote for higher taxes to pay for obama size government he should address people of georgia and let them know he will break his promise to them. >> all of this sparking worries that more lawmakers will cave on their pledge as the fiscal cliff nears. two republican strategist -- to our republican strategist. are we seeing fractures in the republican front? >>guest: what we seeing from both sides of the aisle, in the wake of the 122012 election republicans realize americans want both sides to come up with solutions and the fiscal cliff is the first test of whether the two parties can work together. that includes the discussions that are occurring. as far as raising taxes, republicans will make a mistake if they agree do any proposal that raises taxes for the sake of raising taxes. this is a huge elephant in the room not being talked about and
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a goal republicans, a huge amount of loopholes and deductions in our tax code f the republicans grow to raise taxes on small business owner before we dress the listen holes and deductions and make the phrase "fair share" mean "fair share for everyone" they will run into problems. >> but the democrats may not be willing to accept that. to accept changes in the tax code. they may want the tax increases. the truth is, are the republicans in a no win situation because if they go over, if we go over the fiscal cliff, the democrats can just say it is the republicans who didn't compromise. >>guest: absolutely. president obama and his team of advisors and staff is good at putting up the straw membership like the proposal he has. he goes on the campaign trail and giving speeches, talking about millionaires and billionaires but republicans need to get across to their constituents, to the american people, two things: a lot these
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so-called millionaires and billionaires are small business owners, the mom-and-pop shot, and, number two, a false choice the president is offering because his proposal would best care scenario using his own numbers raise $82 billion in additional revenue and we have $1 trillion deficit and $17 trillion in debt like putting a band-aid on a grenade wound. >> wasn't the choice very clear in the election, republicans said no tax increases and they got a president who said, well have them and they lost seats in the senate. >>guest: they did but they kept the house of representatives and the americans voted if a government with two parties that control different areas of the government. if there is a mandate it is that americans want both sides to get together to compromise, to work out a solution, and i don't think it was by any means endorsement of raising taxes for the sake of raising taxes.
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that is worst case scenario for republicans. there is another way, and it is closing loopholes and deductions. >> do all republicans know it? you speak to senator chambliss who says i am doing what is best for the country not living with the no tax hike pledge? >>guest: absolutely, senator chambliss, i cannot speak if him personally but most republicans would say there is a better way to fix the deficit and decrease our national debt and that is what negotiation is about hopefully what both sides are doing, coming together and saying, here is the proposal that does not solve the problem, the tax cut or tax height for the healthy, and, then, what about the loopholes and the deductions, can we come to a compromise, that is what americans are looking for and republicans need do a better job of communicating that, the reality situation, that obama's proposal that sounds great on paper will not fix the deficit.
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>> the clock is ticking. thanks so much. >> violent protests in egypt over president morsi grabbing for more power. is it going do be more of your tax dollars?
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>> violent protests erupting in egypt after president morsi grants himself new powers, with some burning his office, and the former c.i.a. operative is not buying what the president morsi is saying. wayne, thanks for joining us.
1:23 pm
what does this mean? is this, is he turning himself into a dictator overnight? violence is not just in gazas now, it is erupt elsewhere. how dangerous is this making the region? >>guest: that makes the region as dangerous as it already was, more dangerous. what we have is exactly what i said many times in the past, and my military colleagues knew once the muslim brotherhood had seized control and that is what they have done, threw president morsi, this was a no-brainer. he has virtually stolen thought only constitution, he has run out the parliament, he has lone out -- which they do not have now -- and egyptians are saying,
1:24 pm
everything was going to be great, wonderful, and president morsi came in and took over and now look what we have. so, this is a very, very dangerous situation. >> ambassador rice on the 21, raised president morsi for security efforts. did she speak too soon? >>guest: she seems to have a habit of doing that. what i would say to you is this would not happen, all of these things taking place in the middle east and this is not a political statement, but a at the same time of fact, these we volatile situations that have taken place if libya and syria and, of course, egypt, we have thrown out guys that are questionable, we got that. we understand that. but what we have done is allowed the muslim brotherhood, now, to complete their plan, which is
1:25 pm
what they promised they would do and they have done it. now, the egyptian people will be without a constitution, they will be without a supreme court, they will be without anyone who can control, who some are calling the new pharoah. when people go russia -- go that far it is a remark am bold move. >> we give a lot of money to egypt, the second biggest recipient of bilateral aid from the united states, second only to israel. we considering releasing some emergency funds, now, what does that do? >>guest: what it does, it tells the world, and it certainly tells the egyptian people, th this new president, the second-term president we have, if -- in president obama;
1:26 pm
going to continue to support the muslim brotherhood and that is happening. there can be no other explanation. if there were, brenda, we cut it off and we tell them, no, you can't do that, there will be no aid unless you rescind the orders. >> we will watch this situation. former c.i.a. operative joins us. >> walmart protesters are demanding change. the union has their back. but does anyone have walmart? [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start.
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it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> you thought black friday was all about shoppers? the united food and commercial workers union organizing nation-wide protests outside walmart locations over the employment practices. the retail giant attempted to block the protests by filing a complaint with the national labor relations board. but there was no decision so the labor group, are they acting in the best interests of both parties or are politic at play? we turn to our attorneys. tell me, should the nlrb have been looking more to take care of this issue before black friday? they said it is too complex but that, really, put walmart at risk. >>guest: absolutely, it negatively affected the business
1:31 pm
aspect of walmart and i understand that depended on when the complaint was filed or the issue was brought to the board's attention, but, i think something like this affecting such a serious season for shoppers and the fact that there is also a violation of the national labor relations act and something needed to be done sooner, and rather than allow this to go along with the file being filed. >> the nlrb is supposed to be there to mediate these claims, it didn't do it before black friday which is the biggest day if walmart and they could have lost a lot of money, it may not have been successful, did the nlrb punt? >>guest: we need to focus on the fact that the nlrb did not have a deadline to is to answer walmart's injunction. the american population, a lot of people are not earning a
1:32 pm
living wage and walmart is our largest private sector employer and many of their employees are receiving government assistance so we need to focus on the issue here. in our country many people are not honoring a living wage and all the employees want is better health care, better wage, and are asking for $13 an hour. >> come on, there are people without jobs would be be grateful do have the work. >> we must remember is only a small position of walmart 'employees are disgruntled or following this union, there are several people who received raises and i understand what you are saying about the economy and people receiving less money but there are people without jobs and walmart did say present your issues to us but they still have to follow the proper procedures. >>guest: i hear what you are saying but many of walmart's employees are afraid to agree to youngize because walmart has a
1:33 pm
long-standing history of retaliating against employees trying to unionize. there have been 23 complaints filed with the national labor relations board by walmart employees. and they have been retaliated for trying to unionize. we need to focus on the fact 19 citizens who go do work can't make end's meet. they can't make ends meet on $10 an hour. >> i didn't see a lot of walmart workers walking off. >> one store said they had 30 employees but you have to look at it and say, i understand haw are saying about the american people but it is not the issue of weather people need to get more money but it is the issue of, does the national labor relations board, is it doing their job? >> this could be politics at place. would you admit?
1:34 pm
the nlrb could be bias the, they have four members, three apointed are democrats and two appointed by president obama, doesn't that stack the deck a little bit? >> i don't necessarily agree the deck is stacked. i think this issue is ripe right now and our public needs to hear the fact that company people that do have jobs struggle to make end's meet, and it is better for people to go to work and receive a living wage than for the people to see government assistance but here people receive government assistance because walmart is not paying them enough. what we are missing here is that the union has a right to have people do this type of picketing where they are going out and causing attention to the fact that many americans who do go do work each day simply do not earn a living wage. >> here what the nlrb said, the legal issues including what constitutes picketing and whether the activity was aimed
1:35 pm
at getting recognition for the unions are complex." isn't that their job? does anyone in government have business' back? >>guest: it doesn't look like it. the rules and the statute must be filed. they have not filed the petition for representation. that is one of the sections, section 8, 30 days of picketing. and nothing has been piled. >> thank you, ladies and we discuss this very story tomorrow morning on bulls and bears. are unions the biggest threat to jobs on saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. on fox news. so, black friday is here but does it really mean the best bargains or just holiday hype? this guy doesn't do door busters the c.e.o. of brookstone why his products, not promotions have
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>> shoppers storming the stores since early this morning in new york city 11,000 lined up at macy's for the midnight opening. but, now, with all day store busters, thanksgiving opening and week long sales events is black friday all it is cracked up to be. we have the low down from our retail watcher. so, is black friday really the place to go? is it as big as it used to be? it is not so much black friday but black of week of thanksgiving. does that dilute it. >>guest: it is bigger than ever, always a toss up for black friday and the saturday before christmas and the past few years black friday has always come out
1:40 pm
on top as they add on the extra days. >> it is a big day with lots of people in line but that does not make it the biggest revenue grabber. >>guest: it tends to be the largest producer of the holiday selling season which is the biggest season of the year. >> that does not mean you should go out there and you will find the best deals on black friday. they will choose one specific target item to really knock down and they choose the lower end things that you can save a dollar or two bucks on. >>guest: no question, you have to be a smart shopper as you always should be. today it is easier than ever, you can walk in with the smartphone and look up the best deal. how much was it last week, and where is the best deal? >> this weekend, what should we look for? technology in is that where you get the deals? >> for toys, and electronics they know you will be in the stores and you should be out thereshipping for those big
1:41 pm
screen tv's, you can get apple products which don't usually go on sale, they are on sale today, and you have bounce back type of things in walmart and target to get, say, $75 gift cards off. related to closing, come january, these stores better be rid of the big sweaters so as you get further and further in the season look for the discounts. >> wait until the last minute. thank you. so my next guest says he doesn't need the door busters or extended hours, he has all the gadgets that the customers want. we have the man who runs brookstone. thanks for joining us. your stores are a lot of fund to go to but it is a little expensive and that is why you don't need the door busters you do not deal with it. >>guest: that is right. we did have some door busters this morning and our stores were very busy but most of the
1:42 pm
holiday senator, -- season we have unique and well designed items that consumers demand. they are great value. >> have a special massageer? >>guest: a massager, the brook stone cordless massager that uses rechargeable batteries and it has three programs, five speeds, amazing device, you feel really good for your back, shoulders, amazing. >> isn't it righty? >>guest: no, it is a great value, it is $249 but it has the rechargeable cordless feature and it won't stall. these are amazing. they give a great massage. >> what is the arrow wine aerator? >>guest: well, this is an
1:43 pm
amazing device, you take the device, you put it in your bottled wine, you press the button, and in 30 seconds your wine is completely aerated you have a full flavor and reduces the tannins, you can get a beautifully aerated wine in 30 seconds and rated by the beverage rate institute as the top aerator in the market and when you are done, you put it not this handsome storage device. >> for the nerds, and i admit i am one, you have something special that is a pocket protector? >>guest: all you have to do, it fits in your palm, it puts a 60 itchive image on the wall and you can plug in your smart 15,
1:44 pm
tablet, whatever and it projects this beautiful 60" picture on the wall with two speakers and it is rechargeable, a fantastic little device. you can also use the device to recharge the phone. >> what do you make of the economy? you are catering to high-end shoppers. what do you see from sales? >>guest: i would say our devices are could unique and so special that we don't really, we are not concerned about high prices. >> have you seen any difference, certainly during the recession sales must have gone down, do you see a pickup? what are your sales telling us about the who? >>guest: sure, sure. our sales have been great all year, up over last year, consistently all year, so we have been very happy to have that business this year.
1:45 pm
>> no plans for black friday, it was not that big of a deal? >>guest: it is a very big day for us and our stores were very busy this morning but we are busy every day until christmas. we have great gifts for the consumer, great gifts to give away, they are unique, special, and value priced for what you get. >> thanks so much for joining us. so, fast forward four years, could another bush brother be babbling for the white house? larry sabato looks into his crystal ball next. with verizon.
1:46 pm
hurry in this friday for great deals. like the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free. or a white 7-inch samsung galaxy tab 2, just $99.99. this friday, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon.
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>> could jeb bush be following in his father and brother's footsteps, mulling a white house
1:49 pm
run of his own, and his son saying he hoped his dad might road to larry sabato saying it is never too early to start speculating presidential prospects. didn't we just have the election? >> well, think of it this way much the next election, actually, is only 1,447 days away. doesn't that make it sound like it is next month? they are out there running, not nextly jeb bush, but you better believe on the day after the last election, you had a ton of phone calls made by the cast of thousands thinking about running for president in 2016. >> jeb bush, what do you think of the prospects? wouldn't the democrats love to have another bush to blame? it is getting too late to blame the last one but now another one? >>guest: well, look, eight years is a long time, and it
1:50 pm
will have been eight years since his brother was in the white house and a heck of a lot longer since his father was in the white house. would that be a problem for him? yes. in one sense it would be. because he would be held to account for the problems that americans associate with his brother's presidency that would be true even if the republican party, but, remember something, the bushes are the republican kennedys. there are so many of them and they have been in public office of all sorts for decades, now. so that is a very significant candidacy if he chooses to run. >> let's talk about another florida favorite, florida senator rubio, he is young, there has been a lot talk he could get the hispanic vote, that is what republicans need. what do you think of his prospects of winning or running? >>guest: have good. i can't imagine, though, that senator rubio and jeb bush who
1:51 pm
have been allies and supportive of one another would run against one another. i just don't think that will happen. so, either one will run or the other will run and jill bush is 59, that is a young man, let me stress, but rubio is 41, so, rubio can afford to wait if it comes down to the fact that jeb bush wants to run. >> any other favorites? quickly? >> gosh, literally cast of thousands. you have everyone and his brother and sister talking about running. chris christie, my governor, governor martinez in new mexico, bobby jindal, governor of louisiana, and you don't have enough time left if your show to go through the list. >> you were very successful in your predictions and we will keep checking in with you, but neil cavuto is a man of his word and he paid you back all of that ice cream and i am not getting with you, i am not giving up my
1:52 pm
ice cream. >>guest: i am quitting while i am afraid. quit while you are aahead. >> we will say like that, that is like someone saying they will never run again. thanks, larry, nice to see you. as washington worked on hammering out a budget deal, are we about to get another hit at the gas pump? or jumping into the marke he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade.
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>> well you, probably think you're paying the at the pump. as the talks wind down on the fiscal cliff talks, a higher gas tax in the deal. the market watcher says that they can't afford to pay anymore. it could be good for the economy, margery how so? it's regressive tax, hits
1:56 pm
those without money. >> and how do we pay for necessary things, and not create are more deficit. and what this tax would do, we already have a 18 cents tax and most states have a gas tax in california 64.8 cents per gallon and you don't see the economy suffering, and the consumers and seen 1.50 jump in gas prices. what this would probably do, we don't have it on paper is pay for things like road repairs and necessary things like that. why is it good? it encourages innovation, car pooling, people to kind of watch, and conserve frankly we have to think about the national security issues and conservation. >> nan: kevin, i know you don't agree with this one. >> no, i can't believe that a gas tax could be the answer to the fiscal cliff or anything else, more taxes not the answer here, and the stronger economy, but this is really a
1:57 pm
tax on the middle class, and people who drive our trucks and our car and deliver our food and everything else, this is going to tax them directly and already, as pointed out in california, over 65 cents a gallon at the tank for federal and state tax and new jersey the highest in the country and some of the states would be crushed, people cannot afford more, taxes from every direction, 55% estate tax and we're affecting our food supply and so many things with taxes and this is not the answer, not printing more money and not spending money we don't have. that's the answer, not more taxes, the problem in general. >> margery, let's get back to who is getting taxed here, people who have a commute to work and that type of thing. they have to continue paying, but wouldn't be spending on other things, that could hurt the economy, couldn't it? >> well, you have to look right now. there is actually an exemption in tax credits that do come to people that have necessary transportation needs, such as in business and industry and
1:58 pm
heavy machinery or even long distances and since we don't have anything on paper yet, it's hard to know what they are he' considering and not intended, you know, it will require a little more tightening of the reins, but we just saw recently during the superstorm sandy and during katrina. when american people are asked to innovate, to conserve and car pool. >> and asked to wait in line forever and i don't know that superstorm sandy is the best example. >> one of the things that we have to think about conservation and implications and pollution and things like that. and might force that, but kevin, a lot of people don't have a choice, they have to drive. >> you know, brenda, you can't take blood from a stone. we have inflation in food, in energy and heating oil and the gasoline and everything else and everything consumer goods that we see. it's going to impact discretionary spending. and they are he going to do it willingly and we're all trying it save money, but at the end
1:59 pm
of the day it's another tax on the middle class, all this is and already, if you look, again, i've lived in eastern europe, too, and pay more for gas, but people cannot spend as much on other things, bottom line it's a tax on the middle class, it's going to affect the economy for the worse, that's it. >> final word. >> challenging things to put in front of the american people, but in the the long run it's something that i think could help and could boost the economy. >> thanks so much both of you for joining us, we'll be that one carefully. is the american dream dead. why should the the people the most optimistic not any more, something we're going to explore tomorrow on bulls and bears, it kicks off at 10 a.m. eastern time and be sure you stay for the entire cost of freedom block and we leave you with this bit of holiday cheer, gangnam style. you know the dance. ♪

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